JTKSWK Background

The Department of Labour Sarawak (JTKSWK) was established by the State Government of Sarawak on 26th July 1960 with staff strength of 6 persons. Labour Office, Kuching was set up 9 years later followed by the other 10 Labour Offices.

Under the Inter-Governmental Committee (IGC) Report 1962, the Director of Labour Sarawak is directly responsible to the Minister of Human Resources through the Secretary General on the administration of Labour matters in Sarawak.

With the formation of Malaysia on 16th September 1963, Department of Labour Sarawak was placed under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Human Resources, or Ministry of Labour as it was known at that time.

Labour Offices in Sarawak was set up as follows :-

Kuching-------------------------> 1st January 1969
Miri------------------------------> 1st January 1972
Sibu-----------------------------> 1st January 1972
Limbang------------------------> 1st January 1973
Sri Aman-----------------------> 1st January 1974
Kapit----------------------------> 1st January 1974
Sarikei--------------------------> 5th August 1974
Bintulu--------------------------> 1st July 1979
Marudi---------------------------> 1st April 1986
Serian---------------------------> 29th December 1989
Bakun---------------------------> 16th June 1997
Kota Samarahan---------------> 16th September 2009
Saratok-------------------------> 16th December 2009
Lawas---------------------------> 16th December 2009
Mukah---------------------------> 4th January 2010
JobsMalaysia Centre Kuching-> 25th January 2010
Betong--------------------------> 14th June 2010


On the 1st July 2003, Employment Services Section of The Manpower Department was merged with Sarawak Labour Department. The name 'Jabatan Buruh' was changed to 'Jabatan Tenaga Kerja Sarawak' (JTKSWK).